Make Shift Happen with ED&I: Addressing AI Bias in Biotech & Healthcare

February 1, 2021 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM

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Add to Calendar 2/1/2021 2:00:00 PM 2/1/2021 3:00:00 PM Make Shift Happen with ED&I: Addressing AI Bias in Biotech & Healthcare Join MassBio's Edie Stringfellow for a monthly conversation on equity, diversity, inclusion and engagement, or as we like to call it, EDIE!

In the new era of innovation, artificial intelligence (AI) promises to make research and drug development processes better, faster, and more cost-efficient, and provide personalized care to patients and healthcare members. But, can the designers who develop these technologies subconsciously impact its outcomes on patients and care? Larger and more diverse datasets are needed for the development of innovative AI algorithms. The data you have available impacts the problems you can study. And, those developing, funding, and publishing the algorithms, impact the study as well as the use of the data. So again, not only do we need a broader diverse data pool, we need a diverse team. Having no diverse teams and non-diverse data will lead to biased digital learned intelligence.

Equitable success of the life sciences is contingent on the workforce being representative of the patient populations we serve. The same holds true for its technology. Different genders, ages, races and ethnicities are prone to different diseases and infections that must be accounted for when developing AI and machine learning algorithms. So, how can we address and overcome these data and algorithmic biases to ensure the best possible outcomes and care for marginalized communities?

Topics for discussion:
  • Why do biases occur in advanced, next-generation technologies?
  • What will it take to ensure AI algorithms are more inclusive of diverse and minority populations?
  • Artificial intelligence is only as good as the data behind it. How can we improve this data to remove potential biases?
  • Lack of sufficient data sets from certain minority patient populations could bias algorithms, leading to increase insurance premiums.
  • Tips on recruiting diverse talent.

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Webinar, click "live-stream" button to view

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