Never before has the power of the patients been more evident in clinical research and development as evidenced by successful collaborations and regulatory trends. The process of therapeutic development has historically prioritized scientific concerns critical to the pathophysiology of disease indications (including pathways and mechanisms) in an effort to advance programs as efficiently as possible. Moreover, the organizations most involved in drug discovery and development in the past have largely been academia, biopharma and regulators. In the past decade, there is greater understanding that accelerating these efforts into the clinic can hit roadblocks due to reasons beyond scientific rationale – including an under appreciation for the key role that patient engagement can play towards successfully bringing safe and effective therapies reflective of the needs of patients who would most benefit. Incorporating the patient voice along with academia, industry and regulatory bodies can only strengthen this foundation of organizations already determined to address clinical unmet needs. Join our speakers and MassBio NonProfit Committee for an interactive and informative discussion on this important topic.