Employer Branding and HR Strategies to Attract the Workforce You Want

October 22, 2019 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM

MassBio, 300 Technology Square 8th Fl, Cambridge, MA 02139

Do you ever wonder why you’re having trouble attracting and retaining top talent? Spoiler alert: It’s not because you don’t serve snacks. A rapidly growing life sciences cluster combined with a low unemployment rate is making the battle for top talent ever more competitive. But don't worry, you still have a chance to really stand out. If you want the best talent that’s available, you need to have a strong employer brand. Come to this employer branding forum to understand how you can make sure a prospective workforce knows why they should come work for you. Obviously you know why…but do they?

Sponsored by the Marketing Communications (MARCOM) Forum Working Group.

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