30 minutes
One of the greatest strengths of Kendall Square is the sheer density of biopharmas, research institutions, academic institutions, and proximity to the best academic medical centers in the world. Yet, the success of this mini cluster within Massachusetts is also its greatest weakness. Companies struggle to afford the real estate and employees are increasingly frustrated with their commutes and housing costs – leading more companies to move outside of Cambridge. This panel will address why this is a good thing, how to support the continued growth of the industry across Massachusetts, and what kinds of infrastructure investments must be made to ensure success.


Imran Nasrullah, M.S., J.D., C.L.P. - Vice President & Head of Open Innovation Center, North America-East, Bayer
Jim Glasheen - Executive Vice Chancellor Innovation & Business Development
Mathias Cousin - Managing Director, Deloitte
Matt Daniels - Executive Managing Director, JLL
Meredith Harris - Executive Director, Marlborough Economic Development Corporation (MEDC)
Richard Cassidy - Head of Operations & Commercialization, Astellas Institute for Regenerative Medicine (AIRM)
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