30 minutes
Science is driven by reproducible experimental evidence under peer-review toward global consensus, and it’s full of trial-and-error. There has been a push by some to make that research – successes and failures – more transparent to prevent others from making the same mistakes or going after the wrong targets. What can our innovation ecosystem do to share findings widely, challenge engrained beliefs, and follow new avenues, all while preserving a competitive advantage that academic and industry research require?


Adam Feuerstein - Senior Writer, Biotech, STAT News
Christopher Henderson - VP, Neurodegeneration & Repair, Biogen
John Tallarico - Head, Chemical Biology and Therapeutics department at Novartis Institutes for Biomedical Research
Kathleen Gondek, PhD - Global Head of Evidence and Outcomes, Takeda
Katie Ellias - Managing Director, JDRF, T1D Fund
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