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The State of Possible Conference celebrates how the life sciences make the impossible possible. As MassBio’s annual meeting, the State of Possible Conference taps today’s brightest minds for engaging conversations on the latest developments in our industry, key insights from the past year, and building a better future for patients around the world.
Join MassBio and more than 800 virtual attendees for a free, interactive day of networking, keynotes, panel discussions, and Possible Talks from some of the most inspiring voices in the industry.

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Senior Director of Data Science, Genomics and Bioinformatics, Alexion
Senior Director of Data science, Genomics and Bioinformatics at Alexion, expert in data-driven decision support, digital transformation, and health care insights, leader and builder of Rare Answers™. Over the years Sebastien has built and led numerous digital capabilities spanning R&D, Commercial, Corporate Strategy, Business Development and Healthcare collaborations from clinical decision support, enterprise data management, Search & insights platform, cloud-based collaboration & computing environment. Past roles include running a global data office and an international system architecture practice.

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