Part I: How to Define the Value of Prescription Drugs to Ensure Patient Access

May 23, 2019 4:00 PM - 6:00 PM

MassBio, 300 Technology Square 8th Fl, Cambridge, MA 02139

For a growing number of therapies, especially specialty drugs, manufacturers can no longer assume payer coverage and patient access based on regulatory approval alone. Increasingly, manufacturers are being asked to first demonstrate the “value” of the drug – to patients and to the health care system – and thus, justify its price, before being added to a formulary. The challenge? There is no objective or shared measure of value or method for measuring it.

This event, Part I in a three part series that will explore the value of health, will focus on the changing pricing, access and reimbursement landscape early to mid-stage biopharma companies are facing, and give recommendations about what actions they should take to ensure patient access when their drug comes to market, including:

We believe this issue is especially timely. We’re at an inflection point, with science that’s been tested for decades finally becoming a reality for patients and a payer system that has not caught up with this level of innovation. Myriad factors are combining to alter the status quo – with policymakers demanding action, and healthcare stakeholders agreeing that we must come up with real solutions. If we don’t come together and address the value equation as an industry and ensure patient access to all new therapies, government or other stakeholders will – and they will likely get it wrong. 

Drinks and appetizers will be provided. If you're not a MassBio member but are interested in attending, please email